2019 Beaver State Fling

presented by Keen Footwear
A PDGA National Tour event

Stumptown Disc Golf is pleased to announce the 2019 Beaver State Fling will take place on the weekend of June 7th - 9th, 2019. Once again the Beaver State Fling staff will be partnering with KEEN Footwear to bring you this PDGA National Tour Elite Series event. As usual, players will be tested by several rounds of championship level golf on two challenging 18 hole courses playing along the Clackamas River at Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, Oregon.

These two world renowned courses have helped the Beaver State Fling (www.beaverstatefling.com) consistently draw the very best disc golfers in the world back to Portland, Oregon year after year. Again for 2019, tournament directors Jeff Mittl and Jeff Hagerty and their dedicated staff, will host the Oregon tradition that is the Beaver State Fling.

In addition to the NT and the A-Tier disc golf tournaments the Beaver State Fling will also have our vendor village where you can grab some food and a drink and stock up on your favorite disc golf gear. Between rounds throw some mini golf on our epic 18 hole mini disc golf course.

We will be offering 160 Professional spots for the NT event, and 144 Amateur spots for the A-Tier event. Professional divisions will be playing 2 rounds on Friday, competing for the choice mid-day tee times on Saturday. The final round will be held on Sunday to wrap up the weekend of competition. Amateur divisions will be playing two rounds on Saturday with tee times. The first round will be in the morning and the second round will be in the later part of the afternoon. The third and final round will be with tee times on Sunday morning.

Ratings Based Professional Registration:
As many of you know, due to the overwhelming demand for this event and our own desire to attract the very best players this sport has to offer we will again be instituting tiered, ratings-based registration for the NT side of the event.

Here is how tiered, ratings-based registration will work:
• Phase 1: 03/18/2019 @ 6:00pm PDT - Registration opens for all 1000+ rated Professional men, plus all 925+ rated Professional women (in any division).
• Phase 2: 03/25/2019 @ 6:00pm PDT - Registration opens for all 985+ rated professional men (in any division), plus all 900+ rated Professional women (in any division).
• Phase 3: 04/01/2019 @ 6:00pm PDT - Registration opens for all remaining spots

Important Notes:
• All Professional Registration (Both NT and A-Tier) will be managed by DiscGolfScene.com
• All Amateur Registration will be managed by 4DiscGolf.com
• Do not ignore your registration window. This event historically fills quickly.
• You MUST be a current PDGA member and have completed your officials exam at PDGA.com to register.
• We will have division size caps in place to ensure non-MPO divisions remain viable.
• Anyone attempting to register before their tier is open will have their registration rejected.
• We require at least 4 players to create a division.

Professional Division Sizes:
(Note: these may change slightly based on registration trends.)

Division - Initial # of Slots
MPO - 80
FPO - 20
MPM - 28
FPM - 4
MPG - 20
MPS - 4

Amateur Registration:
Registration for the amateur side of this event has proven to be quite the undertaking in the past. Historically, the event has filled so quickly that registration felt more like a case of who has the best internet connection. In an attempt to make this as fair as possible for everyone, and with the support of our sponsors, we will again be holding the BSF lottery for amateur registration.

We will open BSF lottery pre-registration at 6:00PM on 03/18/2019 and it will remain open until 3/25/2019. During that one week time period anyone who would like to play in the event can pre-register for the lottery at no cost. At the end of the pre-registration window we will sort all prospective players by division, delete any duplicates and then use RANDOM.ORG to randomize the list. We will then send an email to those people containing an email link where they can formally register for the event. Players who are selected will have 2 weeks to register for the event, after which time their slot is forfeited and that spot goes to the next person on the wait list. Once the event has filled, all remaining names from the initial two week pre-registration window will be placed on the waiting list.

Important Notes:
• You MUST be a current PDGA member in order to enter the BSF lottery.
• We will have division size caps in place to ensure non-MA1 divisions remain viable.
• We require at least 4 players to create a division.

Amateur Division Sizes:
(Note: these may change slightly based on registration trends.)

Division - Initial # of Slots
MA1 - 72
FA1 - 16
MM1 - 32
MG1 - 16

This leaves 8 slots available for "other" amateur divisions provided the division meets the four players per division requirement.

We understand some people may not approve of our lottery system, but after much deliberation we decided this method of registration was as fair as we could possibly make it. We hope people understand the dilemma we face when putting on an event with far greater demand than available spots.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the Beaver State Fling website.

Jeff Mittl & Jeff Hagerty - CO-TDs

2019 Beaver State Fling